Joota User Interface

Joota is an enterprise 2d/3d footwear creation software designed in collaboration with Adidas Group. Joota was developed to increase communication between designer, marketing department, and manufacturing by using familiar 2d tools and translating them to a 3d space. Traditional shoe design relies heavily on 2d communication since other existing 3d softwares are extremely complicated for soft goods and have too high a learning curve. Joota embraces designers existing 2D skillsets and empowers them to create more designs in less time, to experiment more freely, and to easily and accurately communicate their intent both to internal stakeholders and to manufacturing. Better communication
Photorealistic 3D visualization and built-in tech pack creation means your design intent is clearly communicated to manufacturing—no more unwelcome surprises! Plus, templates offer central control over brand look and feel. Joota offers, faster time to market, reduced sample costs, better visualization, and increased productivity.